Lamington and District Angling Improvement Association

Fishing Lamington & District Angling Association Controlled Waters

River information

The river is crystal clear on a gravel bottom; easily and safely wade-able running through open country the whole time. Whilst composed mainly of runs and glides there is no shortage of deep pools which may yield outstanding fish. In winter we fish for Grayling and the once much neglected fish is now providing good winter sport.

We do not permit competitions or organised club outings on our water and we operate a 12" - 16", 2 Trout limit and a 12" - 16", 2 Grayling limit in their respective seasons but in order to protect our wonderful resource the Association strongly encourages catch and release.

Under the terms of our lease no Sunday fishing is permitted.


We have a full time Bailiff who polices the water on a daily basis and is available to answer any queries members may have.

Fishing Map

The map below shows the upper and lower fishing limits for association water as well as access roads and parking, as we rely on the good will of our landlords we ask all members to please bear in mind the road space required by agricultural machinery when parking their vehicles and appreciate their consideration regarding this.

Fishing map

download print map Click the PDF link to download a higher resolution printable version of the map.

Permit Outlets

Trout Season and day permits are available from the following outlets, and MUST be purchased prior to fishing the river.

Restriction on social distancing are still in place and the Covid-19 pandemic is still with us. Our permit outlets may not all be open and those that are will have restrictions in place. Please respect the staff working in the outlets, they are working through a difficult situation and appreciate your support. If you are unsure please check ahead of your journey if your favoured outlet is open.

Brownlie of Biggar Ltd, Licensed Grocer, 107 High St, Biggar
Anglers Attic, 55 Caledonian Road, Wishaw.
Fishers, 9 John Street, Penicuik, EH26 8HN.
Permits are currently not available by post.

For details on permit pricing and association fishing rules please check the LaDAIA Rules page.