Lamington and District Angling Improvement Association

Lamington & District Angling Improvement Association Rules

Permit prices for 2021 season

Annual Trout & Grayling Permit £60
Junior permit free

Grayling season only £20
Junior permit free

Day permits are available priced £10 for Trout and £10 for Grayling. Weekly Trout permits are also available for £30.

All juniors MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times

A passport sized photograph is required for all full season permits and must be provided to permit outlet for attachment to your permit at the time of purchase.

Fishing seasons

Trout Season 15th March 2021 - 6th October 2021

Grayling Season 7th October 2021 - 31st January 2022

Please note a close season operates on Association waters from 1st Feb - 14th March inclusive each year.

Memorable Dates

10th June 2021. Members should meet at Wolfclyde bridge at 7:30pm.
This is not a competition but a chance for members to gather and chat about the season so far, go away and fish and then meet again to chat about the nights sport. The aim of the fun evening is purely social.

12th January 2022, 7:30pm at Crown Hotel, Biggar.

Rules to be observed by the permit holder

1. No Sunday fishing allowed.
2. During the period 7th October until 31st January, bait fishing is allowed on the main river with barbless hooks. No set lines.
3. Ground baiting and keepnets are forbidden.
4. Shuffling is not allowed.
5. The permit holder has the priveledge of fishing with a single rod and line, during the periods stated on the permit and must only fish with legal lures.
6. Bag size⁄limit 2 (TWO) fish of not less than 12" ⁄ 30cm and not more than 16" ⁄ 41cm.
7. The permit holder must show his permit upon request by the bailiff or other persons having authority and any person failing to do so will be turned off the river. Each member of the Association and the bailiff, on production of his membership card, is entitled to demand production of any members card or day permit and has the right to see the fish in his possession.
8. No permit holder shall sell his fish.
9. No permit holder shall be accompanied by a dog.
10. Permit holders are requested to close all gates through which they pass and to avoid damaging fences or other property, particularly to avoid disturbing stock or game.
11. Permit holders are requested to avoid leaving litter.
12. No external fishing competitions allowed
14. Any permit holder infringing on any of the foregoing rules shall forfeit his permit and the leave granted will at once cease.
15. The use of Salmon roe or substitute roe baits is prohibited.
16. Fires may not be lit.
17. No guiding without prior written consent. Consent letter must be carried by guide and presented to bailiff on request.

Catch returns

A catch return area is printed on each permit, if a catch return is returned to the secretary, bailiff or Treasurer before 31st December 2021 it will be entered into a lucky dip. The winning permit holder will recieve a free season permit for the following year.
All members are encouraged to return catch return information as this provides vital information for river management issues. Boxes have been made available at each parking spot for the return of day ticket catch information.

Association waters

Information on permit outlets and a map of the fishing areas covered by the Association permit can be found on the LaDAIA Waters page, you can also download a high resolution printable pdf version of the map by clicking here.

Lamington & District Angling Improvement Association encourages CATCH & RELEASE fishing