Lamington and District Angling Improvement Association

Clyde River Action Group

C.R.A.G. the Clyde River Action Group has been specifically set up to STOP a proposal for a minerals open cast site next to the River Clyde, between the villages of Coulter and Lamington, which will ultimately lead to the destruction of a beautifully scenic part of Clydesdale and Upper Clyde river.
If you are a local resident, have family in the area or once lived in this locality, fish in the Clyde locally or downstream, are interested in the future of our environment and our long term health and wellbeing, we would be most grateful if you took some time to contact CRAG and tell us what you think about the proposal and if you would be happy to support our campaign in whatever way you can

For more information please go to Link opens in a new tab or new browser window.

Proposed Quarry Location

This is the proposed location of the quarry between Lamington and Coulter

Patersons intend to remove 4,600,000 TONS of sand and gravel BY ROAD over the next 15 YEARS

The enviromental impact of this includes:
A Huge increase in HGV traffic through Biggar towards Edinburgh
Increased NOISE & AIR POLUTION around and downwind of the quarry
Huge impact on fishing in the clyde
Potential impact on tourism in and around Biggar
To name a few...

Please contact C.R.A.G through their website and help in any way you you can

LaDAIA support C.R.A.G. and say