Lamington and District Angling Improvement Association

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AGM Re-scheduled

AGM Re-Scheduled for Wednesday 7th February, Crown Hotel, Biggar. 7:30pm

The AGM has now been re-scheduled for the above date. All full season ticket holders welcome.

Jim Lees (Sec), LaDAIA.

AGM Postponed

Due to adverse weather conditions the AGM has had to be postponed.

We apologise for the lateness of the decision but we feel it would be irresponsible to expect our members to attend with the road conditions as they are now, especially with the expectation that the conditions will only worsen as the night goes on. We value everyones attendance and the chance they have to get any points across they feel need to be raised so with only members living very close by likely to attend we feel it is the right decision to postpone and re-schedule.

Again, our apologies. A new AGM date will be posted as soon as it can be arranged.

Jim Lees (Sec), LaDAIA.

Season Permit Change for 2018

Passport photograph required for permit

We are currently looking into the feasability of making the addition of a passport sized photograph a requirement for all 2018 full season permits. At the moment we are checking this out with our permit printers and assessing samples. We will also discuss this with our permit outlets but at this time we do not forsee any major problems which will prevent this being a requirement from next season onwards. This will make life easier for our full time bailiff and volunteer bailiff's and also prevent “permit sharing”. When the details have been finalised we will update the news section with further information and list places near our permit outlets where passport photographs can be obtained.

This will not affect day or weekly permits and will be for full season permits only.

Jim Lees (Sec), LaDAIA.

New rule for 2014 season.

No guiding without prior written permission.

Guided fishing is no longer permitted on Lamington & District Angling Improvement Association water without prior written permission and where permission is granted the permission letter must be carried for inspection by the bailiff. This new rule is highlighted on this years permits as well as here on the website and the secretary will also be writing to different angling bodies. As such ignorance of the rule will not be deemed an acceptable excuse and any guides found to be working the river without carrying the written permission letter will be asked to leave the river.
The Association respects the role of guides and instructors, especially when it comes to helping newcomers to the sport however with limited space on the riverbank our season members access to the fishing must remain our highest priority. When the subject of guiding was raised at the AGM several proposals were offered by members and the committee with the rule now in place being passed with a unanimous vote. We believe this rule is being introduced for all the right reasons and while it is not an outright ban on guiding it will be used to prevent large guided parties restricting the access to fishing for season members, especially at known busy periods of the season.
Following our constitution it should be noted there is no burden of proof put on the bailiff, he has full authority to make judgements on the riverbank as he see's fit and any anglers put off the river have an appeals process to follow that the bailiff will inform them of. In the event an angler disagrees with the decision of the bailiff they are required to follow his instruction on the riverbank and advised to make their objection known to the secretary in writing by e-mail to or by post to L&DAIA Secretary, 71 Russell Street, Wishaw, ML2 7AL. The secretary will raise the matter with the committee and reply at the earliest convenience.

We appreciate the assistance of all recognised angling bodies and their members as we police this new rule in the coming season.

Jim Lees (Sec), LaDAIA.

Riverbank clean-up

Sunday 10th March 2013

Clean up day

Unfortunately the picture above only represents half of the debris picked up from only a mile of water on two banks. A lot of that is of course washed downstream from other places and gathers on the flood plain, so it's not quite as bad as it seems and we are lucky in that the vast majority of our members either take their rubbish home or make use of the bins provided near some of the parking areas.
But the picture does show that maybe we could all make a little more effort, we all get to enjoy good fishing in beautiful countryside and taking good care of that is in all our interests.

Thank you all for your continued help in keeping the riverbanks clean, your efforts are appreciated.

Jim Lees (Sec), LaDAIA.

The Clyde has lost a great champion

George "Geordie" Clark 1945 - 2010

George Clark 1945 - 2010

George, known to many as Geordie, died 21st April 2010 following a short illness.

George was a lifelong Association member and served on the committee as Association treasurer for many years, providing stability, continuity, local knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement to all who worked alongside him for the benefit of Lamington & District Angling Improvement Association and the Clyde.

George could be seen almost every day on the river, and was always delighted to stop and talk about fishing in general, and fly fishing for wild brown trout in particular – it can be said that he had Clyde Water running in his veins. He was generous with his time and expertise, happy to pass on tips and knowledge to beginners and experienced anglers alike. Many times he’d go home with his fly box lighter, happy to have helped a struggling angler to catch trout.

His commitment to educating the next generation of anglers was demonstrated in his support for the Clyde in the Classroom project run by the Clyde River Foundation, who will benefit from the retiring collection held following his funeral.

He was passionate in his defence of the river, and over the last year, worked unstintingly as a founder member of CRAG (Clyde River Action Group) against a proposal for a sand and gravel quarry at Overburns, Lamington. His knowledge of the river environment and ecology was greatly appreciated and valued by all who served with him on the action group committee, and he will be sorely missed.

George’s greatest pleasure was reserved for his family – his wife of 41 years, Nancy, daughters Joanne, Lorna and Rebecca, and his grandchildren Logan, Lyle, Louis, Olivia, and twins Ava and Freya.

The Clyde has lost a great champion, and I have lost a good friend.

M Martin (Sec), LaDAIA